Zero by Humanhood,  featuring costumes by Disorder.

Many wonderful things have been sparked off, from a simple conversation in Disorder Boutique. One such conversation occurred a year or so ago when long time customer Rudi from Humanhood, passed through the store, on his way back to his spiritual home via Barcelona his current base. We discuss his latest contemporary dance project, Zero, as well as life, the universe and the theory of everything. Wanting to bring a bit of Disorder to the project, I agreed to get involved designing the costumes for the performance. There followed many hours of designing, sourcing fabrics, sampling, sewing, redesigning, dress rehearsals making sure the fabric flowed properly. Until, a day before the performance it all came together... A relief for all.

Forward-wind 18 months, from that initial spark, and I am sat at the MAC Birmingham, watching a truly inspirational, thought provoking, deeply moving piece of contemporary dance. It was a real honor to collaborate on such a cool project, with such talented dancers.  All the elements, lighting, choreography, music and costumes fused together perfectly to create a sublime piece of Theatre. I have enclosed a teaser link to the show, but if you ever get a chance to watch the real thing, there really is no substitute for seeing the Real Live performance…. Breathtaking.


Zero by Humanhood featuring Costumes by Disorder

ZERO_snap from HumanHood on Vimeo.